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Updated Friday January 26, 2018 by Whitby Minor Lacrosse Association.

Whitby Minor Lacrosse Association

500 Victoria Street West, 2nd Floor

Whitby, ON   L1N 9G4

(905) 665-0965

Follow us on Twitter @WhitbyMnrLax

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This article has 7 Comments.
Annie Lapointe commented on January 27, 6:28pm
"Good afternoon... I am trying to pay for my kids registration with my AMEX and I get getting error that "Currency is not allowed on this card." Can someone please help?"
Lindsay Williams commented on April 2, 11:03pm
"Is it too late to register my 9 year old daughter for the 2016 season?"
Cindy Lee commented on February 27, 5:38pm
"My daughter was born in 2002 which I believe would make her a 'minor'. I don't see game/practice days for minor girls. Is there not a league for this age group? Also is it possible to get approximate game/practice times for the different levels posted on the site as well? This would make planning a lot easier. Thank you "
Cindy Lee commented on February 27, 5:41pm
"Oops. My daughter would be 'midget' not a minor. There are no game nights listed for midget in the FAQ's. Is there somewhere else I should be looking? Thank you "
Donna & James Rhodes & Pattison commented on April 7, 1:14pm
"does anyone ever answer emails, facebook or the phone?"
Sandy Stanesic-LaHaye commented on June 4, 2:19pm
"When will the schedule be released for the final weekend of play?"
Dawn Puusa commented on May 2, 10:54pm
"A joke ! Waste of money. All beginners on one team that gets beat 9-1 "
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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